I would like to start off by saying how much of a positive influence you and your business has on the cake community. From individuals who are just starting their cake journey to seasoned cake veterans who have been doing cakes for years, you offer products and advice which helps their creations come to life. Not only that but you have your own series of dvds and one of a kind products which I find to be priceless. Even when you do order something from your business you take the time to e-mail the costumer almost instantly ensuring their order is correct and even gift wrap their order for them. This kind of service and care you give to your costumers shouldn't go unrecognized and is the reason why I am e-mailing you. I would like to personally thank you for what you do. As a sugar artist who just started their venture in the world of cake, I can not tell you how much your products has helped me create the vision that I am imagining. Anytime I am making a cake and I feel it is missing something I always pull out one of your signature products. From your modern scroll work cutters to your cameo mold I have used these products countless times. Please keep doing what you do because you do make a huge difference in the cake world which we appreciate. Recently, I have been competing in cake competitions which I have used some of your products and have enclosed those photos. I can't you how many times when I designed my competition cakes.I incorporated one of your cutters or molds. Lastly, I was so happy to hear that you will be attending That Takes the Cake in Austin, Texas next month. It is a wonderful show which is looked forward to every year. I can't wait to see you there and I am already ready to buy from you at the show! 

Thank you again,

Drew P.



Thank Goodness! For Jennifer's fondant techniques -- I was about to give up on covering a cake with fondant, finding it way too frustrating - but then I was fortunate to take one of Jennifer's classes -- I can honestly say that without that class, I would have given up on fondant - but now fondant is my preference - finding it easier and faster than buttercream - Thanks so much for your techniques, recipes and most of all -- sharing your talent!

- Melissa



As one of many admirers of your cakes, I have to say that I am always in awe looking at the pictures of your gorgeous and perfect cakes. Your talent and experience are radiating from every detail. And OMG...I LOVE your DVD!!! Arnie went out of town and Chelsey spent the night with a friend, so I watched the whole thing last night. And I was so damn inspired, at 10pm I was making pearl clay, AND mixing my fondant with chocolate for the cake I had to cover today. I did a two tiered cake today with the most gorgeous pearls I've ever made and pressed lace and I covered my three tiered wedding cake for tomorrow with the chocolate fondant, and it's perfect! Seriously, no offense at all, but I hadn't planned on learning a whole lot, maybe some quick tips, but I learned a TON! I have never put lace on a cake because it's always been so difficult for me to use the presses....I had NO problems with it today. You are awesome!

- Brenda



I have watched both DVDs and wanted to tell you how wonderful they are! I can't stop watching them! You are an excellent teacher. I can't wait to try fondant cakes now. I'm so excited to get started using fondant. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these DVDs. I hope you keep them coming as fast as you can. I'm hooked!

- Linda



I received your DVD yesterday & watched it twice last night. You did a wonderful job, so informative & clear. Even my DH who watched it the second time with me was so impressed with you & your instructions, he said that even he, who knows diddly squat about cakes & decorating would find that DVD easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

- June



Jennifer Dontz is a class act! I was struggling with trying to learn gumpaste flowers on my own. I contacted Jennifer and she went above and beyond to help me. Not only did she tell me all of the supplies I needed, she gave me tips and instructions on how to use them. My supplies shipped very quick too. After receiving my items, I contacted Jennifer again with more questions and she replied right back. Her Fun with Fondant and Frills DVD is excellent! My mouth dropped at least three times while watching because of how simple she made everything. Jennifer's cakes are so beautiful. I can't believe she shares her secrets! Not only is she talented, but she will go the extra mile to help everyone understand what they are doing with the tools they need. Lots of places sell products, but Jennifer's customer service is above and beyond the normal expectation. I know that if I contact Jennifer, I will not only get quality products but the help I need to use them properly. I imagine Jennifer's customer service is the way things used to be back when the term 'customer service' actually meant something. It might even be better!

- Courtney


WOW! Your fondant and pearl clay is awesome! I used it for a wedding cake this weekend and I was so surprised that it was so easy to work with! No cracks, it did not dry up, it was much easier to roll than regular pettinice! My mother saw me cover the cake and she was so impressed with how easy it was to roll so thin (she has seen me struggle a few times ;) lol!). And it was so delicious too! I am one of those who really does not like fondant, but I would eat this for sure! Not to mention my mother who has a real sweet tooth, she could eat it like candy :)

I never want to use regular fondant again!

I also loved the products I bought, especially the BIG lace mould, the super pearl and pearl mold. I made pearls with the pearl clay for the wedding cake I made and they were so beautiful and yummy.

The bride and groom was so happy with it!

- Linda, Sweden


Here is the cake I made with your beautiful fondant! It was definitely a different and BETTER experience than the marshmallow fondant! I am hooked now. And the guests at the party did not say one word about not liking the fondant. ALL the kids said it was tasty and some of the adults too! And the ones that DID NOT say it was tasty, well, they did not leave any on their plate either and..... actions speak louder than words. :) And these people are CRITICALLLLL: I have known them for a LONG time: they are very nice, and very HONEST hicks that are NOT into fondant, so if I could please THEM, I feel like I can please anyone!!!

I truly love everything about your fondant: from the feel, to the taste, to the workability. I do need to get used to the difference: with the marshmallow fondant, I had to rush rush. Now that I have more time to work with the fondant, I have to change my pace. And that is a good thing!!!
- Margarita



I found Jennifer (Sugar Delites) a few months ago and, boy, am I glad I did! Her service, prices and shipping charges are 5-Star!! I am on a limited income so you can imagine how much that means to me. Service - - - I placed an order with her a few days ago and received it before I even received confirmation charges by email! She offers to try to find tools and/or supplies that I have been unable to locate. I have never had any other retailer offer to do this for me. Now, get this - - - She honored a sale price for me even though I was unable to purchase it during the sale deadline! Besides all this, Jennifer is a lovely person! I could go on and on about working with her, but I will just say that the "Delite" in Sugar Delites - - - is working with Jen!
- Carolyn, Texas

I wanted to give you some feedback on the new DVD--I really enjoyed it. I'll be honest, most cake DVD's do make me fall asleep. Even though I absolutely love everything about them, I just can't seem to stay awake through them. But that doesn't happen with your videos for some reason!

I received my second order super-fast and I appreciate that so much. Thanks so much for everything.

- Tamatha

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