The Sugar Delites Rewards Program rewards customers for shopping at Sugar Delites with redeemable points for every purchase made with a customer account. Here are the details of the program:

  • Each dollar spent on an item equates to 1 reward point. $1=1 point. Points are not collected on tax and shipping charges.
  • Each item on our website has a reward value listed. You can either purchase the item, or you can redeem your points for the item.
  • To redeem reward points for an item, you must redeem the full points value for that item. Ex.) Item costs $10 retail, which requires 1,000 reward points. You must have at least 1,000 reward points in your account to redeem the item.
  • Items cannot be redeemed with partial reward point value.
  • A customer account must be used in order to collect and redeem points.
  • Reward point values for each items are determined from the retail price of an item, not the sale price if applicable.
  • Sugar Delites cannot add or remove reward point values on a customer's account.
  • Reward points are added to the customer account after the website purchase is completed. 
  • FREE items cannot be added to an existing order using points that were earned from that same order or an order that has not been shipped yet. 
  • Reward points do not expire.
  • Program is subject to change without notice.
  • In order to see the amount of reward points it requires to redeem an item, you must be logged on to your customer account.
  • This rewards program is essentially 1% back on your purchases.

Listed below is an example of where to locate point totals for each item when purchasing and how to redeem.

If you have any questions about the Sugar Delites Rewards Program, please don't hesitate to contact Sugar Delites. [email protected]

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