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Handy Perspex Square (Hand Saver) By Robert Haynes
Instructions for use peel off the outer protector, then place on top of any cutter. Press down firmly giving even pressure onto the cutter surface. No more sore hands pressing down onto sharp cutter edges. Uses Place underneath your non-stick flower board, turn the board around with ease like a turn table when cutting petals and leaves free hand with a craft knife. Place on top of pre-cut sugar petals or leaves, to keep them fresh. Great for using as a paint pallet. Excellent to press down onto a wired or un-wired sugar calyx’s or small fully wired leaves or petals etc.
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Wire Texturing Brush (Recommended By Robert Haynes)
This tool can be used to add texture to various mediums creating: bark effects, fur, grass, hair, wool, soil, roots, skin, sand, foliage or petal veins, upholstery, material and canvass Wash with hot soapy water after use, dry and wipe with a slightly dampened cloth with alcohol to prevent rusting.
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